Talent Source are primarily Recruiters. We will find and connect you with the right people for your business. How you’d like us to go about it or who you’d like us to target can be up to you.


Talent Source offers tailored training for rookie sales professionals and recruitment consultants. Have you found a star that needs some polishing? We can help. Do you want to grow your recruitment business? We’ll teach rookies the fundamentals so that they can hit the ground running for you.


You can outsource your whole sales function to Talent Source. We have been successfully running teams in the Residential, B2B and Event channels on behalf of Utilities and Financial Services clients since 2009.


Talent Source can place contract staff into whatever scenario your business requires giving you flexibility without commitment. We can easily adopt your systems. For example: Fieldglass etc…


Talent Source are fully trained in the use of psychometric assessment tools. We can objectively define the behaviours and aptitudes associated with optimal performance in any role, create a benchmark and assess candidates against that benchmark. This greatly increases predictive validity and eliminates cost associated with bad hires.


You can exclusively retain the services of our top head-hunters to find the rare or senior skills you need to plug your talent gaps. We define the methodology and target the appropriate talent based on the culture you are striving to shape.


Connecting Talent is a Contact Sport